Why you should find a family photographer you love and make regular bookings.

Most of us have only ever hired a professional photographer for our wedding days, and it's often not until we are expecting our first baby that we really see the value in it. While wedding photos are beautiful, and you should defiantly keep showing them off, they are a single day in time. As your life and family grows there is true value in freezing each moment in time. When we become Mothers, we go through an all-consuming transition called Matrescence. This is a physical, emotional and spiritual shift, a little like puberty. When you're in the midst of it, it can sometimes be hard to see yourself how those who love you see you. Hiring a professional photographer to capture you as your body and baby grows will give you invaluable photos for the future. Photos your babies will ask to see and ones you'll look back on with much kinder eyes.

Our phone cameras have come a long way from those fuzzy dark images we grew up with and are now capable of taking rather beautiful pictures. But they just aren't on the same level as professional photography. First of all, someone has to take the photo, usually Mum, with a professional photographer nobody misses out. Photography galleries have a cohesive look; If your seeking photos to print, put into albums or just have a beautiful collection of photos with a similar vibe then a professional photography session is for you! Keep snapping away on your phones, get all those sleepy eyes and funny moments. But don't forget to get the forever keepsakes of professional photos too.

Got a photographer you love? Great! Stick with them and never let them leave. Well, you have to let them go home after the shoot... But keep going back for more, trust me! The benefits of sticking with one photographer are huge. Many photographers, myself included, will offer return customer discounts or special assess to new packages. Not only does loyalty pay, it also gives you the benefit of being photographed by a familiar face. Your family, especially the little ones will feel much more relaxed with someone they know capturing them. You'll probably get a few extra smiles and avoid the shyness or resistance. Down the track, when you've had a few sessions photographed by the same person, you'll have a beautiful collection of work with a similar vibe throughout. This is a huge win if you're into displaying your photographs around your home.

Photography is an investment! Yes, it's expensive, especially when you've got a million other tiny-people things to buy. But trust me, it's so worth the money, and you are getting great value. Behind the scenes your photographer has spent hours establishing their business, learning and developing, scouting locations, purchasing equipment and props, creating content before they even take your first shot. And then after your shoot day there is loads of editing time and costs involved with professional software. Most photographers aren't in the industry for the money, we are here doing what we love because we see the value in it, and we love helping our clients capture precious memories. I offer instalment payments to help make my photography packages as accessible as possible, you can request this when booking.

When should I get photos done? All the time! Well, at least for those big moments. Engagements, Anniversaries, Mother's/Father's Day, Milestone birthdays, Pregnancies, bringing home Newborns. You will never regret it.

So, if you're new to all this and still looking for that special photographer for your family I'd love to have a chat! Check out my portfolio and get in touch to see how we can make some magic together!