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Doula Care

Doula care is about educating and supporting women to empower themselves through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

I give love, information, encouragement and unwavering support of all your choices. I am a sounding board for your concerns and goals, and work with you to advocate for your best birth. Whatever your pregnancy, birth and postpartum looks like, I am here for your journey. I respect that this is your birth, your body, your baby and your choice and I provide education to empower you in your decisions.

I take a modern evidence-based approach to doula care. I believe in the benefits of medical and pharmaceutical care within pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but feel these are often over relied on and unnecessary. I actively promote physiological birth, but I have extensive knowledge of common pregnancy and birth complications and interventions and alternative pathways. I provide my clients with unbiased and evidence-based information to assist them in making confident informed decisions.

This is your journey. I am simply a guide helping light the path ahead of you, allowing you to walk into motherhood powerfully and peacefully.

Your Investment

I offer my pre and postnatal doula services from the comfort of your home. In addition to your scheduled visits, you will receive phone and email support throughout your care period and beyond. Every pregnancy, birth and postpartum is different, so each visit is unique to your needs at the time.

I attend your birth from when you feel you need me, until 1-2 hours after birth.

01 - Prepared

2 prenatal visits

Birth support & attendance

1 postpartum visit

Bonus Inclusions:

  • 4-week TENS machine hire.
  • 4-week Birth Sling hire.
  • Maternity photoshoot & 10 images
  • Birth Time documentary viewing
  • 10% off discount on additional images

$ 1,200

02 - Empowered

4 prenatal visits

Birth support & attendance

2 postpartum visits

Bonus Inclusions:

  • 4-week TENS machine hire.
  • 4-week Birth Sling hire.
  • Maternity photoshoot & 10 images
  • Birth Time documentary viewing
  • 10% off discount on additional images

$ 1,650

03 - Pampered

4 prenatal visits

Birth support & attendance

4 postpartum visits

Bonus Inclusions:

  • 4-week TENS machine hire.
  • 4-week Birth Sling hire.
  • Maternity photoshoot & 10 images
  • Newborn photoshoot & 10 images
  • Birth Time documentary viewing
  • 10% off discount on additional images

$ 2,100

04 - Postpartum

15 hours of postpartum support delivered in a frequency that suits you.

Minimum of 2-hour visits.

General Inclusions:

  • Birth debriefing
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Caring for older siblings
  • Light household duties
  • Meal preparation


05 - Birth Mapping

Way better than a birth plan! My Birth mapping session is a one-off prenatal visit (2hrs + some homework) where we discuss your preferences, personal context and options to create your unique birth map. We will play the 'Game of Birth' which will assist your preparation of different birthing pathways and prepare you for confident & informed decision making.

$ 190

.06 - Birth Photography

1 prenatal visit

On call from 38 weeks

Birth attendance & photography

Secure & private online gallery

Full gallery of roughly 50-300 images

Add birth photography to packages 01-03 for $950, or as a standalone service for $1,500.

Every pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey is unique. If you can't find what you're looking for contact me today for a tailored package to suit your needs.

Each pre and postnatal visit is roughly 2 hours long.

Bonus Inclusion photoshoots include 10 free images, valued at $350.

What's Included?


  • Birth education
  • Birth mapping & planning
  • Massage
  • Miles Circuit
  • Optimal maternal Positioning
  • Newborn care education 
  • Postpartum planning
  • Meal-train planning 
  • Appointment attendance if desired
  • Personalised affirmations
  • Fear release meditations 
  • local services referrals
  • Mobility support
  • General sibling care and support
  • Sibling education (pregnancy, birth and baby care).

Assistance with:

  • Meal preparation
  • Creating nursing stations
  • Running household errands
  • Setting up the nursery
  • Purchasing baby items
  • Light household tasks


  • On call from 38 weeks
  • Attendance from active labour until 1-2 hours after delivery.

Support & Assistance with:

  • Emotional support
  • Advocacy support
  • Rebozo techniques
  • Massage
  • Acupressure points
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning
  • Breathing techniques


  • Birth Debriefing
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Emotional support
  • Assistance with sibling adjustment
  • Selecting and accessing local services
  • Connecting to local community groups & events
  • Supporting new Dads and other family members. 

Assistance with:

  • Baby settling techniques
  • Swaddling
  • Baby wearing and carriers
  • Meal preparation
  • Light household tasks
  • Running household errands
  • Sibling care 


I like to surprise my clients with little gifts along the way, so I won't share all my secrets.

But in addition, you can expect:

  • Printed copies of cheat sheets and guides
  • Hot drinks and treats
  • Access to my client library

Add on Birth Photography

Add on Birth Photography to any on my birth doula packages for the incredibly discounted price of $950.

You will receive a full gallery of high-resolution, carefully hand-edited images via a secure and password protected downloadable gallery.

View more of my work by clicking on the images below.


PART 1: "I found Sarah and engaged her services very late in my pregnancy, 38 weeks. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy however was hoping for a HBA2C and had a history of birth trauma. I met with Sarah only once before my birth and told her my story which she quietly and carefully listened to. During my birth Sarah was there every step of the way making her presence was known in a subtle yet warm and loving way."

Sarah - Part 1

FAQ - Doula Services

What is a Doula?

"A trained non-medical professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to their client before, during and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible." - DONA International

"Doulas are non-medical professionals trained to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth. This can apply to a woman planning a physiological birth, home birth, hospital birth or a planned caesarean. Doulas do not provide any type of medical care; however, they do provide evidence-based information and research to help their clients gain a better understanding of medical procedures and encourage the couple to ask all the right questions to ensure they are making the right choices for their birth." - Vicki Hobbs, Doula Training Academy

What is the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?

A doula is a non-medical support person who focuses on caring for you emotionally and physically. A Doula works with you, providing tailored and evidence based information to support you in empowering yourself and making confident and informed decisions.

A midwife is a medical professional, whose primary focus of their care is on the health and safety of you and your baby.

Both doulas and midwives work with you prenatally, support you throughout the birth and follow up with you postpartum.

When should I book?

I recommend getting in contact as early as possible, as I often reach capacity. Booking me early will also mean you maximise your continuity of care as I include monthly check-ins from booking to birth.

Will you support me if I have a Caesarean?

I will support you and your family no matter the choices you make, or the way your birth unfolds.

If you have a caesarean section, it is ultimately up to your medical care team to permit or decline my entry to theatre on the day (hospital and care provider policy differs).

If I am unable to come into theatre with you, I will provide you with as much preparation, support, and guidance as I can leading up to surgery and after.

What are the benifits of having a Doula?

- Reduced risk of Caesarean birth.
- Reduced risk of instrumental birth.
- Reduced need for pharmaceutical pain relief during birth.
- Reduced rate of induction of labour.
- Shorter labour.
- Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience.
- Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding.
- Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks.
- Lower incidence of depressive symptomatology.

Hodnett, Ellen D., et al. "Continuous support for women during childbirth." Cochrane database of systematic reviews 7 (2013).

Will a Doula replace my partner?

Nope! A doula is not only there to support Mum, but to support her whole family. A doula can support your primary birth partner in developing the confidence and skills to enter labour feeling prepared and ready to support you!

Where do we have our pre & postnatal visits?

In the comfort of your own home!

For clients outside of my catchment area (SOR, Perth - Mandurah), we negotiate a mix of face-to-face and Zoom meetings to suit you.

What qualifications do you have?

I have completed the 'Platinum Level Birth Doula Training' through the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.

In addition I have also attended Birth Cartographer Training with Cathrine Belle, a VBAC workshop with Hazel Keedle, a Birth Photography Workshop with Belle Verdiglione, a Chinese Medicine for Birth-workers workshop with Kate Thompson, and I am currently completing a lactation consultant course with Maternal Instincts.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for all of my doula & photography services (no minimum spend).

Ask me about setting up a payment plans tailored to your needs.

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